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Matt Nickel Finishing

Our most popular finish, Matt Nickel has a timeless appeal. Extensively used on door and cabinet hardware, bathroom plumbing fixtures, vintage wood stove restoration and much more. Typically left un-lacquered, Nickel will wear beautifully into a soft finish. We use the technique of Matt nickel plating for getting a decorative look on old items and particularly a silver touch and finishing that gives the most attractive appearance to the products. Matt Nickel plating on items also increases the mechanical resistance against corrosion and damages. Our customers get the service of Matt nickel plating in auto vehicle industries, kitchen door handles and cabinets, architecture, and construction.
  • Enhanced resistance from corrosion due to stable thickness
  • Any irregular and complicated product can be in shape with our plating techniques
  • Reduced operational cost due to better quality of the coating
  • Less waste and more uniformity in coating
  • Long life span due to improved quality
Why Should You Select Us?
You should select us because of our consistent and excellent services. We have built a good repute in the market and our customers trust us.
  • We are the primary solution provider of Glossy Nickel Finishing
  • Across the state, we are at the best in dealing with love and care.
  • We ensure customerís itemís security and safety.
  • We assure our work quality.